Falicia Guidry

Lead Hair Stylist

My name is Falicia Guidry, I was raised in Boston, Mass and Eastern Shore of Virginia. I’m a mother of 2 boys ages 20 & 16, a devoted wife to my best friend and business partner Tommie Guidry. I also graduated college with honors and valedictorian of my class, graduating with a bachelors degree in


In 2011 I wrote my first book, becoming the first published author in my family. I am a licensed cosmetologist and barber, graduating from Delmarva Beauty School, Kindred barber, and beauty academy. I started doing hair as young as 6 years old, so I’ve been pretty much doing hair al my life. Hair
is my passion, hair rejuvenates my soul. I’m the owner of Intentions Hair Salon, LLC established in 1999. I am also the confounded of a non-profit organization I run with my husband. So when I’m not doing hair, I’m giving back to the community, I feel if God can bless me I can bless others.

In 2015 I decided to move to Atlanta, Georgia to take my career to a higher level, not sure if that was the right decision, but I took a chance and walked out on faith. Since moving to Atlanta, Georgia I’ve been given the opportunity to live out my dream to do hair for a filming production company. I also was
leading hairstylist with several fashion shows and lead hair stylist for a published magazine. The sky’s the limit, nothing to big or to small I can’t conquer. I’m most definitely eager to take my skill to another level and reach for the stars. Even when it gets tough I’ll never give up on this gift God gave me to share with the world and to touch as many people’s hearts I come along in this journey. I’m only getting started and I’m enjoying the ride along the way.